Friday, May 31, 2013

Things To Think About: Living In a Disposable Society

Society today is so different from 50 years ago. We live in an age where people have become accustomed to simply throwing things away, whether they're worn out and broken or simply just old and boring. As technology continually advances, Americans are constantly looking for the newest 'upgrade' and this is having a devastating effect on our planet. 

Every week we tie up our waste and it gets taken away by waste removal companies and most people never think twice about what happens to it next. The motto 'out of site, out of mind' is the mindset of millions and the repercussions of this are evident all over the country. 

Our landfills are being capped at an alarming rate and most of the materials that line these massive dump sites can actually be recycled into other items. There are many items that can be broken down and reused to create new goods and one example is electronic waste, specifically computers.

Almost 99% of the components that make up these devices are recyclable. There are several toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are used in the manufacturing process including lead, cadmium, lithium, mercury and beryllium and not to mention the polluting plastics that don't easily biodegrade. When these items are irresponsibly disposed of they can pose serious threats. 

These materials can leach out of the landfill and not only pollute our environment, but also cause harm to people and animals even at low levels of exposure. By recycling these items you can help avoid these dangers and drastically decrease the amount of raw materials required to create new products. 
Start spreading the word about ways to transition from our disposable lifestyles and come on down and recycle your end of life materials with us to ensure that they are being responsibly recycled!


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