Monday, October 22, 2018

An Introduction to Electronics Recycling: Televisions

You know you can recycle cans, glass, and paper. How about other recyclable items? At Gold Circuit E-Cycling, we handle those “other” items. We handle the items that you may not know what to do with, or that you may not know are recyclable. Take electronics for example. Electronics recycling helps conserve resources and natural materials to help the environment. How many people are guilty of leaving an old sofa by the dumpster, or maybe an old microwave out by your trash in hopes someone will take it or it will get tossed? When electronics are left in landfills, their electronic waste can deposit harmful toxins into the ground below. We want to avoid that, which is why we care so much about what we do. We’re here on the blog to share some practical explanations on the importance of recycling items like these properly, and how we make it easy for you by handling the entire process.

The Price You Pay

Today, we’re going to focus on recycling old televisions, or TVs. You may have gotten a new TV and aren’t sure what to do with your old one. You may still have an old rear-projection TV taking up room in your garage or your basement storage. The responsible thing to do with these is to recycle them rather than just taking to the city dump. However, it would be impossible to recycle a TV on your own without the necessary equipment and tools to do so carefully and properly.

That’s where we come in. While our services are not free, we offer a low cost of $20 per TV (which is the price for the majority of the items we offer). Many city landfills charge per carload anyways, and the positive about recycling these items is that it’s the right thing to do for our environment.

Why do we Charge?

When it comes to properly recycling electronics, there are many moving parts. Literally and figuratively! Our facility, located at 2 Second Street in Palmer, Massachusetts, has all the necessary equipment needed to break down, separate, and then sort the recyclable materials and safely dispose of others. Our business was created to responsibly and properly recycle the items you may not know how to. We have business operation costs including salaries, machines, and insurance. The list goes on and on. The end markets dictate what our charges need to be, and the markets have yet to improve over the last 5 years. We do what we can to keep recycling convenient AND affordable for you. We are in the position to accept materials like TVs from the public and handle everything that comes after. While it does have a fee, we believe that it’s important that we all do our part to responsibly dispose of our materials.

TV Recycling

The TV is made up of many small parts that you may not know about. The older the TV is, it likely contains harmful chemicals and small parts that should be disposed of properly. You should also consider that TVs have a variety of recyclable materials within them, such as plastic and metal. The TV will be taken apart by our trained professionals, and then separated into various parts. Some of these parts include wood, plastic, metal, and copper. These are types of products that can be reused and recycled into something new! There are many different types of metals within the intricate wiring on a TV, and some of them contain materials that are considered hazardous waste. For the environment and those of us living in it (everyone!), its best to take a TV to a trusted facility like ours to be properly handled. TVs can also contain leaded glass, cadmium, mercury, and other parts that our professionals will be sure are disposed of responsibly and recycled into new materials if possible.

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. You can reach out to us via phone (call or text) at 1-888-283-0007. We’re here to help you navigate the world of e-cycling. You can find our website to learn more here. We are an environmentally conscious materials recycling company, and we’re here for you.

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